Hydra Vegan Detox Purifying Mud


With an anti-pollution effect, its vegan formula contains Activated Charcoal that removes residues, impurities and oiliness, in addition to providing softness leaving the coat loose. Ready to use, must be applied before Hydra Vegan Detox Shampoo. Indicated for dogs and cats of all breeds and coat types older than 8 weeks.

Directions: Topical use. Wet the pet’s coat and remove the excess of water with your hands. For small and medium coat pets, apply 40g of the Hydra Vegan Detox Purifying Mud all over the coat, spreading well  apply proportionally according to the size of the pet). Let rest for 1 minute and rinse it until there is no product left.

1L / 33.8 fl.oz

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