Hydrobath Flush Cleaner


An economical and pleasant smelling disinfectant for use in Hydrobaths. Use regularly to flush through the pipe work of the Hydrobath to ensure it stays clean and disinfected.

Instructions for use: We recommend flush cleaning your hydrobath at the end of every day when been use Put 1 capful of flush cleaner into the WASH tank, add some water, switch on wash and allow the solution to flush through the pipes. When finished drain the solution then flush through with clean water.
It is recommended at least once a week to leave the solution in the hydrobath overnight, as the pump holds water to keep itself primed, leaving the solution overnight will kill any bacteria which may be present in the pump, flush out thoroughly with clean water the next morning before use.
This Flush Cleaner can also be safely used as a general disinfectant, chart for directions of use and dilution rates are provided on the label.
Warning – NEVER put the solution into the sealed RINSE tank.
5 Litres

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5l With non drip pump dispenser, 5l without pump dispenser


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