Marshmello Shampoo


The Shampoo ! Its new ! Its  32-1 concentrate ! A Truly No-Silicone, Sulfate-free Shampoo!  Smooth, Creamy Richness that Rinses Perfectly Clean!  Use ANY conditioner after.  It’s a ‘Non-Ionic’ Shampoo!  Everyday Cleaning Power.
YES, Your MarshMello ‘cleanse’ SHAMPOO STILL smells like marshmallows! 🙂 SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE !

  • Real Marshmallow Root!
  • Shea butter(helps smooth cuticle, leaving sheeny).
  • Babassu oil!  Quickly becoming a favourite over coconut oil.  Babassu oil penetrates quicker,  superior at conditioning hair and skin.  Mixes well with other oils and RINSES completely!  Also imparts a detangling effect.
  • Your MarshMello shampoo has TONS of Keratin in it!  We don’t mince on the keratin.  You could even say it’s a ‘keratin’ shampoo….!  I ensured it had ample, because I LOVE the way keratin makes the coat look, and feel!  Lustrous and sheeny!
  • Your MarshMello shampoo also works in hard water.  We ensured to add a bit of  ‘chelating’ effect to the shampoo.  I wanted to ensure it would work in ANY of our environments & geographical areas so that any mineral content that may be present in hard water would be lifted out and away with the rinsing action!
  • Yes, it still smells like marshmallows!  It almost feels GOOEY!  Yes, gooey!  It’s the way these natural ingredients hang together lol!  We use a natural ‘thickener’ in the shampoo-all shampoo’s have them!  The thickener we use is ‘cellulose’….(vegetable derived).
  • Imparts super conditioning without* the use of quarternary compounds and synthetic polymers or liquid plastics.  MarshMello decided on using:  Cationic Guar Gum.  It conditions awesomely and also* the ‘cationic’ nature of the guar (positive charge) – will bond more readily with the negatively charged Fur/Hair:  Smoothing it!  Awesome!
  • Don’t expect it to SUDS up wih the forced big bubbles of sulfates!  The rich lather has smaller bubbles but DISPERSES readily and easily through the coat! Don’t worry!  This does NOT reduce the CLEANING POWER!  Shake your mixed bottle when using if you want to see more bubbles.

How to Use It:

  1. Thoroughly soak and wet the coat initially before adding MarshMello shampoo.
  2. Apply PRE-MIXED shampoo over and throughout coat.
  3. It’s concentrated:  32:1.  Scrub and work through coat with hands.  YES, you can use in a re-circulator or bathing system.
  4. With shampoo IN, and lathered up, just add another splash of water over all to ‘sop’ it up more lol….then kinda scrub/work through again with the added  extra water.  This will help to lift away dirt…..
  5. Rinse thoroughly as always everywhere.  Follow with whatever conditioner you desire.  Or not!  Use with or without Conditioner as you like!  :D!

What it isn’t: no cocamidopropyl betaine (a surfactant), no silicones, no sulfates, no phenoxyethanol, no parabens, no anti-freezers.

Performs exceptionally well in Hydrobaths and bathing systems due to its viscosity.

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