Requal Nutri-Derm Shampoo Re-Balancing Treatment


Requal Shampoo

For skin and hair. Features: Dermal protection and nourishment. Re-balancing professional shampoo. Special, concentrated treatment created to strengthen the protective barriers of the skin and hair. Provides energy to maintain the correct level of control for all the necessary elements for the animal’s skin. Creates an excellent balance for every kind of coat, improving the natural defences and increasing its natural oils to protect the keratin structure; Contains extract of Willow and by-products of yeasts, which are strongly hydrating factors, to give sustenance and softness to the hair. It produces a protective film that strengthens the skin in natural and propitious conditions to hinder the attacks of parasites. When regularly used it doesn’t alter or remove the natural oils in the coat, but it enforces and improves the coat with every treatment.

Active principles: ReComplex.

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1 Litre, 5 Litre


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