Requal Prof-Inn Professional Treatment


Requal Shampoo

For very neglected coats. Features: hygienic treatment; restructuring. Professional Shampoo in a very concentrated composition. It effectively removes dirt from coats that have not been cared for properly. Suitable as a prewash shampoo, to clean deeply, and hygienically treat extremely neglected coats. Contains in its formula a selection of natural surface-active agents to cleanse the pet’s hair and skin with delicacy and respect; Improved with ReComplex to quickly repair the damaged hair and skin in extremely neglected coats. Contains the essential oil of Sweet Orange, and Lanoline, to reinvigorate the coat and give it shine and brilliance. It rapidly nourishes and restructures any kind of coat. Strengthens the texture and gives the hair sustenance and elasticity. It hydrates the skin without removing its natural oils.

Active principles: ReComplex.

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1 Litre, 5 Litre


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